A Gardener’s Calendar

It’s winding down: a few cherry tomatoes trying to ripen, some winter squash on the vines. The last Brandywine will be a tomato sandwich Change of Season Celebration for lunch today.
Maple leaves and fall colorLast night I dug purple, red and Yukon gold potatoes for a divine dinner of leeks, kale and potatoes garnished with grated cheddar cheese.

I have some small chard plants in a container that I’ve been nurturing all summer. Last year the chard, kale and mustard that provided greens through the winter were decimated in spring by a pest I’d never seen before, so I’m reluctant to plant them.

I’m daydreaming about sowing red buckwheat as a cover crop and planting a lot of garlic (after the calendar goes to press Monday !!!) And there are ample oak leaves to rake up for compost.

As the days get cool and the sun sets earlier I know the gardener’s favorite season will be here soon: the one where you settle into a comfy chair with a cozy afghan and a pile of scrumptious seed catalog porn to ponder how to rearrange the garden and what will be planted next spring (the gardener’s favorite season).


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