Bye Bye 2020

Twenty-twenty is history at midnight.

How come December thirty-first demarcates the end of the year?

It’s probably not completely random and must have some historical basis. (Surely someone will educate me.) But it’s not the Solstice, nor the first new or full moon after the Solstice. It doesn’t even mark a change seasons in my part of the world. And yet, one calendar ends and the next begins.

If we stay careful and behave safely, we have a lot to look forward to in 2021. We’ll have vaccines, more freedom and personal contact. Kids can get back to school and play with their friends.

Maybe we’ll have a functional government that operates in the service of its citizens. That rests on every one of us staying engaged. I just read Obama’s new book. It's a good reminder of how change happens, how the sausage gets made, and on taking the long view.

I hope we emerge from this pandemic with a deeper appreciation of what we have, what we don’t need, and a greater awareness of what we value.

Before cell phones and the internet it was easier to be more connected to the riches in everyday life. (Yes, I’m that old.) Maybe now we’ve developed a taste for simpler pleasures.

I'd love to hear what you're looking forward to in 2021. What have you missed most during the pandemic? Have there been any positive changes in your life? Let me know in the comments.

As we isolate and grieve, let's notice and name our blessings in 2021.

Wishing you whatever solace and nourishment you need.

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