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the 2024 full-color wall calendar and get a free gift.

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It's always a good time
to get in touch with the people you care about.

" I've been looking for simple ways to stay connected.  These cards are perfect for sending a quick note to brighten someone's day."

Kristy Trautman
Pittsburgh, PA

Watercolor of white and yellow orchids on a red and deep rose background

Dendrobiums Note Cards


A spray of pink cymbidium orchids

Cymbidiums Note Cards


20 rainbow watercolor hearts

Hearts Note Cards


Cards are available as singles, 3-packs or 6-packs

Flat rate shipping $8.  FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75

Watercolor of a yellow amaryllis with red picot

Golden Amaryllis Peace Cards


A single fuchsia magnolia blossom on a dark blue background

Fuchsia Magnolia Note Cards


Watercolor of a red Camilia flower

Camelia Peace Cards

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Front cover of book

Blueprints for Paradise is a full-color coffee table book of with over two-hundred paintings.
275 pages. Hard cover or paper back.

Cover of 2023 calendar, colorful landscape of Hawaii Sale!

The 2023 Calendar Sale


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The cover of the 2022 Sara Steele Calendar features a still life of plums Sale!

2022 Sara Steele Calendar Remainders


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Cover of the 2021 Sara Steele Calendar Sale!

2021 Sara Steele Calendar Remainders


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