Deep Time Retreat: What to Expect

I'm delighted you'll be joining me TODAY
for the Deep Time Live virtual silent retreat

Below is some information to help you get ready.
You'll receive the Zoom link on Monday and again Tuesday morning.

A vivid painting in watercolor and 22K gold leaf, from a series of three.

Tuesday, July 18th, 2023
11:30 a.m. to 1:30p.m. (EST)

Deep Time Live is a meditative painting practice of mine.
Please feel free to participate by engaging
in your own creative process, journaling, meditating, or witnessing.

In whatever way you choose to participate,
here's some important information about the retreat:

▸ Please arrive a few minutes early. We will begin promptly.

▸ Allow yourself to be fully present by turning off all notifications on your computer and phone.

▸ Gather your journal, sketchbook or painting tools ahead of time, and make sure you have a beverage handy to stay hydrated.

▸ If you need a bio-break, when you return, pause for a moment to get centered before quietly re-entering the session.

▸ This a silent retreat. Please keep your microphone muted at all times.

▸ Please don’t engage in conversation (as messaging, texting, chatting, etc.)  Being silent allows us all to be fully present.

▸ If you need to leave early, please do so unobtrusively.

If you have time before the retreat begins, take a little time to move into a quieter place inside yourself.  Get comfortable.  Breathe.  Do a body scan and notice any places you may be holding tension.  Listen to your heart beating.

My Deep Time painting is a very private practice. To paint from this deep creative place I require undisturbed calm so I can be attentive to whatever wants to emerge. Even though you may be far away physically I am very sensitive to energy and I am easily disrupted, so thanks in advance for observing my requests.

I look forward to your presence.

The sessions generally go at least 1½~2  hours. The ending time may be inexact due to the nature of the activity.  After the session you may want to some time to stay in your quiet inner space.

Although there will not be a replay available,
a few days after the event you will receive notice of a live Zoom discussion and Q&A.
Keep an eye out for it.